Day 8 – Olympic National Park

We were awoken at 7am by the sound of Tucker scratching at our bedroom door and we could see him peeping through the glass. It was another beautiful morning and we would not waste it in bed, as we had another long drive ahead of us to the Olympic National Park some two and a half hours north-west of Seattle. It usually costs $25 to enter the park but, luckily, today it was free and we drove the virtually traffic-free road to the visitor centre just before the trail head. It was another narrow road that set our nerves on edge the higher we went but the views were getting better all the time. Once parked, we walked up the short distance to the main overlook and enjoyed the vista.




We went into the restaurant for some lunch and, amazingly, bumped into some people we know from the the small village we lived in until a few weeks ago in the UK – what are the odds of that happening?

Later we went for a walk. The Canadian mountains were spread out before us on the horizonĀ and we could see Victoria on Vancouver Island – our destination for tomorrow. This is a relatively short blog today as we need to prepare to leave this lovely place. We will miss Dana, Joe and their wonderful kids and being here with such a lovely family has again reminded us why we love America. See you on the other side.


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