Santa Fe 7 Sept 2018

We have found Santa Fe to be the most wonderful city. It’s a bit like Taos but bigger. Filled with really expensive boutiques, galleries and shops, you can walk for hours and still see something new and interesting. It’s the oldest capital city in the States and much is made of its heritage and cultural history.

Santa Fe


Authentic Street Traders in Santa Fe

We took a guided tour and learned of the city’s architecture, history and inhabitants.

Guided Tour

Later, we visited Canyon Road, which is a road filled with art galleries and shops selling both historical and contemporary, local artwork.

Famous Canyon Road

Authentic Puebloan pottery or paintings can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Rachel wanted me to buy her one for a birthday present but I politely declined!


Very Expensive Pottery


Contemporary Art in Santa Fe

We stopped for drinks and listened to live Jazz outside in the sun and visited some of the oldest sites in the city.

Oldest House in USA


Oldest Church in USA

We snacked on roasted corn in the historic Plaza, sprinkled with various spices…

Eating Roasted Corn

…and later had dinner in The Shed, a lively restaurant selling a lot of very hot stuff.

Chili is a way of life here. You see bundles of the stuff hanging from every concievable place.

Chili is important in New Mexico

It seems like all the food sold here has chili in it.Even chocolate comes with chili and sells for between $2.50 and $4 per chocolate. I kid you not!

We came here at just the right time, as an annual festival called the Fiestas de Santa Fe is taking place to celebrate the Spaniards’ return after the Pueblo Revolt. In the Plaza, food stalls and live music made for a very tiring but fulfilling day in Santa Fe.

Next, we take the Turquoise Trail to Albuguerque.

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