Maui – Sea and Sky

We needed a rest! Long days and the heat were taking their toll, so we drove south along the coast to find a beach renowned for great snorkelling and the hope of turtles. Kamaole Beach Park provided both. The sun was full-on, the sky blue and the smell of weed filled the air. We spent a long and lazy morning sunbathing and snorkelling . From the shore, you would not believe what lay beneath – a labyrinth of volcanic rock and coral, just below the surface and an abundance of life. Within seconds of being out there we were swimming with turtles again and chasing small shoals of fish within what felt like canyons.

We saw Coral


Rachel in Full Flow


Lots to See on the Sea Bed


Swimming with Turtles


A Great Experience

We returned home and cooked an early dinner before heading out to watch the sunset from Haleakala Crater. It would be a couple of hour’s drive to the summit at 10,000 ft but by the time we reached 2000 ft we found ourselves in thick cloud: cloud that hangs like a thick blanket over the mountain most of the time. You can see it from below – a halo of cotton-like cloud, seemingly static and unmovable. It was so dense that we felt unsafe, as we didn’t know what sort of road lay ahead so, reluctantly, we returned to sea level and the safe embrace of the Rock and Brew bar. Tomorrow, we would be leaving Maui for Oahu.

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