Garden of the Gods 3 Sept 2018

The Garden of the Gods is only 10 minutes from where we are staying. We can see some of the enormous sandstone rock formations from our bedroom window but they were much better close up. At the visitor centre we learned something of the hundreds of millions of years of geological history represented by the rock formations before setting out to hike among them. We wandered along dusty trails taking in the unusual landscape and took photos as we went. Here are just a few:

Garden of the Gods


Wandering the Dusty Trails


Sandstone Rock Formations


Sandstone Rock Formations


Sandstone Rock Formations


Local Wildlife


The Balancing Rock


Wonderful Landscape


Manitou Springs

We ended our busy day with an evening in Manitou Springs; a quirky little town with interesting shops selling jewellery, art and sometimes Marijuana.

Manitou Springs


Tomorrow we leave here and travel south.

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