Day 26 – Monterey to San Francisco

We are now in San Francisco and staying, by coincidence, very near to the hotel we stayed in last time we were here. We’ve had a great day driving up Highway 1 and stopping off at places along the way. In our last blog I said that our journey up the southern half of California Highway 1 was very much like Cornwall and we have to admit that it was not quite what we had expected. But today the northern section of Highway 1 was exactly what we had envisaged and was absolutely wonderful: clear blue skies, white beaches, endless coatal road and the top down, playing country music on the radio.

We stopped a number of times on the way up the coast, either at a little town we happened to come across or just to stand and gaze at the view. The smell of the sea was strong but welcome and we saw many pelicans flying low over the beaches. Everywhere was impecably clean, tidy and in good order, as has been the case for most of our USA road trip. We stopped at Half Moon Bay for lunch and had tea and cakes on Main Street before completing the last section of our journey to San Francisco.

We only hit busy traffic as we approached the City, but that didn’t matter. We were happy to sit in the traffic and look at the city skyline set out before us – another great American city view. Once off the highway we weaved our way through the city streets until we found our hotel. We stopped at the curb and dropped our bags and cases off, checked in and then headed off again to return our car to the rental company. We were sorry to see the car go as we had enjoyed it so much. We took the bus back into the city and our hotel. After a rest we are now ready to head out into the city to soakup the atmosphere, of which there is plenty. We may even find a steakhouse and celebrate a great holiday. Who knows!

Anyway, here are a few photos from today’s trip:

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