Day 19 – Grand Canyon to Zion

So for the second time, you have the honour of me (Rachel) writing the blog! Except there is not much to say today as we have not actually done much!!

We were up bright and early to pack up the RV and set off on our travels again, leaving behind the beauty of the Kaibab Forest and heading towards our next campsite in Springdale, close to Zion National Park and back over the Utah border. The GPS told us that the journey was to be less than 3 hours so off we set. After driving for about 2 hours and getting relatively close to our destination, the GPS told us to “bear right” – but unfortunately this turned out to be a very rough looking dirt track, definitely not suitable for a 25ft RV! So much for sat navs!! After trying to get us to make a U-turn for quite a few miles, the GPS eventually sorted itself out and recalculated our journey, adding about another hour on to the time in order to drive around the mountain that the sat nav had been trying to send us through!!!

We eventually arrived at our destination of Zion Canyon Campground and checked in. We have a lovely spot and the view is spectacular – huge mountains looming over us from all sides. After a quick lunch sitting outside, we went to explore downtown Springdale, a quaint town with both sides of the main road littered with cafes, restaurants and lots of gift shops. We browsed in many of the shops and stopped for a drink at a roadside bar (very unusual to be able to buy just a drink without food in Utah but the way they got round it was by giving out free nachos and dips when you ordered drinks!) We then headed back to the campsite and headed straight to the pool to cool off due to the extreme heat, even at that time of day (about 6pm).

We ended the day with a lovely meal at a restaurant just across the road from the campsite called “The Spotted Dog” – strange name but great food. Looking forward to a day in Zion National Park tomorrow. Going to be another scorcher so will probably get there early before it gets too hot to enjoy the walks.

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