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August 27, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada

We were awoken at 7am by the sound of Tucker scratching at our bedroom door and we could see him peeping through the glass. It was another beautiful morning and we would not waste it in bed, as we had…

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August 26, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada

Every house along the water’s edge on Bainbridge Island has its own distinct character and no two are the same. Our morning walk with Dana, Tucker and Dolce was a silvery-blue affair and the sun was already hot, which augured…

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August 25, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada

Mount Rainier is considered to be the most dangerous volcano in the world. At a height of 14,411 feet, if it blows, it could even threaten the city of Seattle, which was our destination today. Interstate 5 took us ever further…

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August 24, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada
August 23, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada
August 22, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada
August 21, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada
August 16, 2016 / / NW USA & Canada
July 5, 2015 / / Deep South USA

We are on the final stage of our Deep South road trip. The journey from New Orleans took a lot longer than we expected due to taking a detour at Pensacola onto the coast road, hoping for a long drive…

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June 30, 2015 / / Deep South USA

To drive from Memphis to New Orleans we crossed the whole state of Mississippi along a very monotonous Interstate 55. The road is pretty much bounded on both sides by trees making an endless corridor of concrete, which stretched on…

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